The ancient Village of Becherel, France

I spent two weeks in the French Countryside, in Brittany. One day we went to Becherel, which is an ancient town with gorgeous stone buildings and luscious hydrangeas tucked in the corners of buildings. The village (according to Wikipedia) has only about 700 residents but is home to more than a dozen book stores! I really spent the afternoon marveling at how picturesque the village is. You can’t go wrong with two of my favorite things – books and hydrangeas! Also notice how the village is surrounded by meadows that glow with life. I really love the French ability to seamlessly blend old buildings with modern life. Life is pretty quiet in the countryside, and I wanted so badly to use their beautiful town centers as an example to what Wal-Mart does to American society. But don’t hold your breath! They have big box stores here too, even the French can participate in fluorescent light, high fructose corn syrup induced consumerism. What do you think of when imagining the French countryside?

This is actually an ancient mill, an old man and his wife showed me the structure which still runs.

This is where village women used to wash their clothes before modern technology.

4 thoughts on “The ancient Village of Becherel, France”

    1. Thank you for using my photo! After translating the word, were you asking for a source of where my photo is from? If so, it is by me. Have a good day!

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