And now for some acknowledgement

I was surprised and flattered this past week when Jeanette of French Paintings nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Jeanette is a compassionate artist (painter) living in France, writing about her musings and artwork. Her blog is great for some cubicle daydreaming and peeking into the mind of an artist. Jeanette, THANK YOU for being supportive of me despite my rookie status in the blog world. Encouragement has been priceless for me.

Following the rules of accepting the award, here are 7 things you might not know about me.

1. I listen to NPR almost all the time, barring Prairie Home Companion (sorry PHC fans).

2. Since the age of 18 I have lived in 6 states.

3. My drink of choice is Organic Valley chocolate milk.

4. I don’t own a TV (proudly).

5. I love to talk politics. I also just love to talk.

6. My monthly budget has a separate category for my latte habit.

7. When not listening to NPR, I am probably listening to Van Morrison.

Part 2 of this is to share some of the blogs I spent (too much) time on.

1. Global from Home this website is for those who have some roots. A wonderful writer, and focus on multiple cultures. Elise, yes we share a name, has already received the award, but in the spirit of disclosure, this is a GREAT site.

2. prsnldvlpmnt they are travelling the States in a van.

3. schwingeninswitzerland a couple of expats in Switzerland. They give great cultural tidbits and have some great photos.

4. My Life is a Romantic Comedy a blogger new to Detroit, blogging about her experience. Her perspective makes me laugh.

5. Globally Misguided a woman is travelling after ditching the corporate ladder scene. The writer provides some great insight.

6. Alex Travel Bum I like this blog for it’s photo’s, perspective, and his choice in travel destinations. Who wouldn’t love to go to Granada and experience the caves!

7. Stupenders even if you hate travelling, go to this website. This girl has a wicked sense of humor and has left me laughing so hard I cried in public repeatedly. My favorite is her post “What even is packing?”.

8. Phil Diro This man has impeccable taste in men’s items. I am taking note for the upcoming holiday season.

9. Pictures Don’t Count a girl plans her escape to New Zealand. Gutsy. May we all remain this way.

Snoop around and see what these folks have to offer. Some are seasoned experts, some are new to the game. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “And now for some acknowledgement”

  1. My life is a romantic comedy is a good friend of mine and I LOVE her stuff. Never fails to elicit a laugh or a good hard thinking session.

  2. Hi Elise! Thank you for you reading and mentioning my blog. Admittedly this is acknowledgement is way past due and I have to admit that I’m not such a great blogger in terms of keeping in touch with other bloggers and interacting, etc. I’ve actually been radio silent on my blog for the last six months and am now getting back to responding to people and posting again. Again, sorry for my delayed thank you note, thank you again, and I hope you are doing well in your life adventures!

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