The Best Place to Wait in Line For Breakfast: Baltimore Edition


I normally don’t believe in waiting, but Blue Moon Cafe has a line for two very good reasons. 1) they don’t take reservations to the best of my knowledge and 2) their food is amazing. If you arrive during peak hours on the weekend, the wait can be upwards of an hour. Part of the wait and religious following can be explained by the Food Network appearance.


I love Blue Moon for the low key nature, it is very much come as you are. I have never felt out of place in my yoga pants or jeans. The wait staff is friendly and they share duties, so it’s OK to ask anyone for more syrup. The walls feature local artwork that rotate regularly.


What to order? I am exceptionally boring, and order the same thing every time–the Captain Crunch French Toast (it’s what they are famous for). Trust me, try it. Friends who come with me and tried something else have loved every dish placed in front of them.


If you’re not a waiting list champion Blue Moon Cafe is open 24 hours on the weekend. I have arrive at 7am and been seated without a wait. Waking up that early is certainly a trade off but there’s always naps!

3 thoughts on “The Best Place to Wait in Line For Breakfast: Baltimore Edition”

  1. Great post, you have provided me delicious food for thought with his one, I am reading your post in a cafe in cusco called the meeting place. It is the only place with real tea in cusco. Desayuno americano, pumpkin scone, and Hawaii colada tea.

    Viva aventura

    1. C.A, if you are ever in Baltimore you would be silly to miss this place. South America is completely a coffee country, you’re outnumbered! Enjoy the tea, I wish I was in cusco, I bet the weather is amazing! A pumpkin scone is very seasonally appropriate though I am kind of surprised they grow in South America? Sounds like you are having an amazing time!

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