I am a Community Economic Development Advisor for the Peace Corps living in Littoral, Cameroon. All of the photo’s you see were taken by me, unless otherwise sourced. If you reuse them, please provide a link back to where you found it. For more information contact me eliseomaits[at]gmail.com!

9 thoughts on “Elise”

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot, is there something I need to do to follow up or communicate my interest? I also really enjoy your blog!

      1. Thank you for reading my blog.
        If you would would like to follow this up you could do a similar post to myself including 7 facts about you, links to other blogs you enjoy reading and would like to pass the award on to, include the ‘One Lovely Blog’ logo in the post and then let your nominees know.

  1. I just found your blog from French Paintings post and realized we have a good bit in common. I too am Elise, love to travel, and did my undergraduate in Atlanta at Emory (but 8 years earlier). I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Cheers!

    1. Hi Elise! Thanks for visiting my blog! Atlanta is really a special place, I was supposed to be there this past weekend (that’s the inspiration for the flight tips). I don’t think I could really even cover everything so special about Atlanta because I just think about food the whole time! I will now be dropping by your blog, it might give me some coping skills for when I have to sit in one place (hopefully that is years away!)

  2. Elise,
    Your blog is an inspiration. Sometimes in my writing I tend to be so focused on my experience that I fail to highlight important things about the place I am visiting. I like how you are able to connect your experience to real meaning nestled in a specific place. I also.
    As you may have noticed, I just started blogging, and I am hoping to keep it up and not lose steam. Christine mentioned your name and your blog to me when I was discussing the my blog and the name of it. This was before I left Portland last week. It really has helped. I have a backlog of pictures and I ideas to post about previous trips and the way you have organized this, demonstrates a good way of speaking your voice while highlighting travels and memorable locales.
    Great work,
    I hope to read more.

    1. Hi C.A.,

      Thank you for such a thorough compliment! It’s very flattering. I think that using your back log is a great idea, it will help you not to run out of material. How long are you going to be travelling? It took me a long time to settle into a “voice” that I thought could work for a wide audience. Part of the beauty of blogging is that I don’t have to promise to keep that voice for eternity either! I love Portland, the West Coast has a completely different feel from the East Coast. Feel free to email me [eliseomaits{at}yahoo.com]. I would love to stay in touch and potentially work together on a post or two in the future. It looks like you might be in South America and it sounds wonderful!

      1. I did not see your reply until today. You are welcome, your blog is really well done and helps inspire me in my own work. I am traveling for about two months. I am primarily in Cuzco for 6 weeks learning Spanish and going on excursions. I also hope to go to La Paz, arequipa, and into Chile as well. If I don’t run out of money or steam first. Yes! Portland is amazing, such a crazy unique city with almost everything under bot the sun and the moon that one could think of.That would be great to work on a post together, collaboration is always an enhancing experience. This trip is amazing, I wish I was able to do this sooner, but I guess now is the right time right? I will email you soon. I actually have a couple of specific questions about blog organization that I will email you about soon.
        Sorry I took so long to reply to this.

        Viva Aventura

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