I’m feeling Chile

Hello there! This is my first time in South America, but so far I can completely understand why some people list it as a must. My first city within Chile is Valparaiso, it sits on the Pacific Ocean and is cradled by hills and mountains. I cannot really compare it to another city in the United States.

Valpo has an artistic history and has been revitalized in recent decades. One of the most interesting visual aspects of Valpo is the amounts colors. The houses are as diverse as nature. In addition, the sea and the sunsets are unparalleled. Because Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is chilly here and the further south you go, the more snow there will be.

A historical building close to the shore.


Chilean houses.


Chile is a primarily Catholic country, when being colonized conquistadors created a Protestant cemetery to maintain a separateness as pictured below.


Most people live on hills here and neighborhoods are organized by which hill you live on.


A Chilean sunset.