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Farm Fresh in France

While in France, my boyfriend and I stayed at his aunt and uncle’s farm in Brittany. Let me tell you, I had no idea what to expect. I am the kind of girl who will forego renting an apartment if I have to mow the lawn. The farm specializes in dairy cows, but there are other animals who are part of the family. One of the untold benefits of living on a farm is the food, which is insanely fresh. All of the food I ate was of quality that Kroger couldn’t dream of. I had the pleasure of putting on my boots and finding eggs in the coop that were still warm and knowing I would get to eat them¬†the¬†following morning for breakfast. Another part of local life was the farmer’s market, which could supply anything from fresh fish to clothing. The family¬†supplemented the food provided by the farm with food from the farmer’s market and big box stores.

Cows munch on food before and after being milked.
Baby cows are kept away from the rest of the herd for the first part of their life.
I was told that the pigs are not as friendly as the cows.
The chicken lay eggs in a coop, sometimes a laying hen will sit on eggs that have already been given by another hen.

This is the family dog harassing some kittens.
This is a view of the farmer’s market.